How to Make MySemanticSearch work with Windows 8

Aug 5, 2012 at 8:29 AM

I was in Atlanta for the free Windows 8 DevCamp (still coming to many US Cities):

I focused on this MySemanticSearch sample and the first task was getting it working with Windows 8.  Not being experienced in the technologies that it works with, I am posting to provide guidance with how to make this project work with Windows 8.  These insights might also help you with other operating systems.

This thread does NOT have all the prerequistes covered (see other threads in this discussion).  The focus of this post is the unique installation nuances for Windows 8 (based on the MySemanticSearch build as of August 5, 2012).

This project requires .NET 4.0, which already comes with Windows 8.  However, the version in Windows 8 includes (by default) .NET 4.5.  The script which sets up this project will not work correctly, since it looks for a .NET 4 entry in the installed Windows program (but there is no such listing in Windows 8).  I simply commented that line out using the PowerShell IDE.  The file is called "CheckNet4" and is in the "Check" subdirectory.

Put a pound sign (PowerShell line comment) before:

SearchUninstall -SearchFor 'Microsoft .NET Framework 4*';

Next, you will need to configure Windows to have the important parts for IIS and the WCF RIA Service (which is the bridge from Silverlight to SQL Server).  In the case of Windows 8, the already-installed Silverlight version is 5, and OK for this application.  The WCF RIA Service is how this application connects with SQL Server.  If you have been having problems connecting, you may be having problems with the configuration of the WCF RIA Service (a topic beyond scope of this post, but search Bing for solultions -- there is, for example, an aspnet_regiis.exe which you may need to run on operating systems OTHER than Windows 8).

It turns out that many developers have strong opinions on the future of WCF RIA Service independent of Silverlight -- search the MSDN forums for what the latest is on these emerging technologies, and make the best decision for your use of these technologies.

Here are some pictures for how to install ("Turn Windows Features On or Off"):



Again, Windows 8 is running on .NET 4.5, so there is no need to activate the .NET 3.5 (which exists for older legacy web applications).

Finally, I had to change the default setting for the web application inside Internet Information Services.  The default is "ASP .NET" which does not appear as a possible choice (and IIS tells you so at one point).  My solution was to change it to the "DefaultAppPool".





This guidance is based on the Windows 8 Preview, and may not represent the exact situation for Windows 8 RTM (or future versions).  However, I believe focusing the discussion on the .NET version and the WCF RIA Service will help anyone debug possible connection issues in future OS deployments.

Sep 7, 2012 at 8:51 PM

I verified today that my directions work for Windows 8 Pro RTM.

I'm not convinced that everything I listed on "Windows Features" is absolutely necessary -- but anyone can test whether individual elements would be needed for this project. 

Oct 16, 2012 at 8:04 PM

Thx Mark awesome!